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7 Febbraio, 2015  → 8 Febbraio, 2015 - Portland, Oregon


The silence of the Poetic Body


A workshop organized in a collaboration between







The Neutral Mask is a fundamental experience in the journey of Movement Based Theatre. It’s a mask that doesn’t have any dramatic expression. It allows the actor to explore a state of pure presence, in the here and now of theatrical space.
In the words of Kandinsky, it is "the silence before the beginning".

With this mask, the actor explores the state of calm that exists before the action. The Neutral Mask has no memory and no projects, no past and no future: it lives in the present, and brings the actor to discover the difference between movement and drama. In the neutral space, the actor-creator explores the fluidity of the body and the essence of human gestures.

No-body is neutral. Each person is "moved" by a variety of physical events: postures, attitudes, emotional patterns impressed in physical dynamics, archetypes...
The Neutral Mask gives the actor the awareness of these "dramas" that are present in her/his body and that tend to become a form of character or style. By unfolding these physical "background noises" the body reaches a state of silence and presence, available to the theatrical space.
Once the actor has discovered this space, s/he becomes like “a white page, ready to be written on in the future dramas“ (Jacques Lecoq).




This workshops addresses anyone interested in movement based theatre, curious to get in touch with her/his poetic body and the fundmental principles of movement and mask theatre.



Early Bird: US$ 200, if deposit is paid by January 20th.
Full Price: US$ 240.

In order to enroll it is necessary to send a non-refundable deposit of $50.

Please note that tuition does not include accommodation and that participants will be responsible for organizing their staying Portland.



Saturday February 7:
10am to 6pm
7:30 to 9:30 pm. A performing lecture on Neutral Mask with Giovanni Fusetti.

Sunday February 8:
10am to 6pm

Shout House - 210 SE Madison St., Ste 11
Portland Oregon


A Practical Note

Bring comfortable clothes, for a work based on movement. The work is based in movement analysis.  Therefore, it is best to work with neutral clothes, without shiny or bright colors, and with no drawings, images or logos on them. The ideal color for this movement work is black.
For further information about the content of the workshop please contact


For enrollment please contact:


theheads @ wonderheads.com



Pictures, n.1: Giovanni Fusetti, Kiklos School, 2000
Picture n.2: Giovanni Fusetti, Helikos School, 2013
Picture n.3: Giovanni Fusetti, Helikos School, 2013

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