with Giovanni Fusetti


Giovanni Fusetti is available to perform a set of lectures-demonstrations on movement theatre and theatre pedagogy. They are available in Italian and in English.

Among them:

- The Sublime Stupidity: Theatre Clown and the essence of Physical Comedy

(more info-PDF)


- The Neutral Mask: the silence of the Poetic Body

(more info-PDF)


- Faces of the Gods: the journey of Masks in theatre and beyond

(more info-PDF)


- A Night all'Improvviso: life, death an miracles of Commedia dell'Arte

(more info-PDF)


- Bouffons and the Ecstasy of Mocking 

(more info-PDF)


- The Perfect Imperfection : Theatre Clown and the healing power of laughter

(more info-PDF)



For inquiries and bookings please contact giovanni.fusetti @ helikos.com


Henri Matisse: Le Clown, 1943/44

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