MELBOURNE, Australia


Victorian College of the Arts, MELBOURNE


Grotesque, Satire and the Ecstasy of Mocking

A playful lecture
Giovanni Fusetti

Bouffons have been watching the news coming from planet Earth lately.
 Their eyes are shimmering with jubilation and they have decided to come for a ride Downunder. They are coming to play the hell out of us all. Watch out !

Welcome to a lecture-presentation with the Italian theatre pedagogue and fool Giovanni Fusetti. In a playful exploration of this wild field, Giovanni will guide the audience through the history and origins of this dramatic territory, from its western origins in Greek theatre to its contemporary variations, and he will explore the unique folly and the profound mythological and political power of Bouffons. The lecture will address questions like these:
Where do Bouffons come from?
Who are they?
What is their relationship with Clown and Comic Theater?
What is their poetic potential?
What is the relationship between Tragedy and Satire?
What is the political power of this genre?

The event is recommended for an adult audience.

LOCATION: 3pm t0 5 pm, VCA,
Victorian College of the Arts, MELBOURNE

: two hours, including Q&A

Suggested Donation:  10-15 $


   The word Bouffon come from a Latin verb: buffare, to puff, to fill the cheeks with air, and it seems to be a very old practice of humans. To deform oneself, to swell in order to provoke laughter. In fact, Bouffons are direct descendants of the Satyrs of ancient Greek Satyr Plays or Satirical Dramas. The actual word comes from French bouffon and has entered the English theatrical language through the work of the French movement theatre master Jacques Lecoq.
   The essence of Bouffons play is in mocking: they hold a specific role, existing in all human societies. They represent the roles of a given society in an amplified, distorted, exaggerated way, therefore provoking laughter and outrage.
   These mysterious creatures, coming from elsewhere, don’t have opinions, and don’t protect any side from their mocking. Their purpose is to have fun mocking humans and therefore they use everything they find. This is their power: they see and play with everything. Bouffons are not interested in individual or private themes: they always take big collective movements, themes that involve the very essence of society in its social complexity. Politics, religion, economy, power, money and finances, morality, war and the army, science, gender and race, ecology, family, education and schools…institutions…and so on.
   As a theatre genre, it is often very provocative because of its very nature of bringing hidden things to the surface thus unmasking the collective games that lie behind events. Bouffons play with what is hidden, what lies underneath, on the other side. In this sense, they belong to the world of Grotesque, a word coming from the Greek word kryptos, which means hidden.

MELBOURNE, Australia

Tuesday November 20th, 7 pm
Wednesday November 21st, 7 pm
Thursday November 22nd, 7 pm


A Clown Variety Show

the Final Presentation of THE RED NOSE INTENSIVE led by Giovanni Fusetti

This performance is the last act of a four week intensive training program with Giovanni Fusetti. The participants have explored the world of physical comedy through the development of their individual clown: a character whose comedy is a poetic transposition of the unique stupidity of each actor. During this performance a troupe of 13 theatre clowns will present a variety show of comic acts, performing their naiveté, their stupidity and their   skills, in an evening of ridiculous virtuosities, sublime fiascos (bides), singing, dancing, music and various other catastrophes.
Remember: Intelligence is limited, stupidity is infinite.
ROSINA Auditorium, ABBOTSFORD CONVENT, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, VIC

Admission: suggested donation $10 to $10.000, but just a smile is fine too.

For information and reservations: Kimberley, ktwiner @

This is not a children show but it is suitable for all ages.

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