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Boulder International Clown School 2008: THE FALL OF CLOWNS. Devising Clown Solos

22 September, 2009  → 19 October, 2009 - Boulder, Colorado, USA

This workshop is a new creation, and it is offered for the first time this year, as part of the Boulder International Clown School. It is specifically devised to give participants tools to work on their own material towards the creation of a solo show of 50 to 70 minutes.

In order to create and write for one’s own clown one needs to understand what is the comic core of a clown and how that developes organically into a story.
Each clown has its own poetic world.




The process will focus on the three different hats that the clown-creator needs to wear:

The comic persona, the comic core, the contact with the audience, levels of playing, amplification and articulation of movement, emotional awareness and presence.
Playing with space; Rhythm: pace and variations; the structure of a piece: entrance, presentation, development, crescendo, plateau, climax, finale, exit.
Understanding a clown’s potential and weakness, the choice of themes and their development, main theme and secondary themes, the traps of writing, the mask and countermask of the clown, the use of the actor’s skills (music, singing, acrobatics, juggling, dance and unusual or unique skills...).


The process will involve every day a 3 hour session with Giovanni, followed by work and rehearsal in a small group of 3 clowns.
Each session will include writing and individual coaching with the support of the group as “audience” as well as source of feedback.

The process culminates with the public presentation of all the shows.



This program is open only to artists that have previously followed the whole clown training with Giovanni (The Red Nose + Clown's Life).

Admission to this program is exclusively UPON INVITATION, after discussing a creation project with Giovanni.

For this first edition 2008 the programme is FULL.

Please contact Giovanni Fusetti for further information.


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