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Boulder International Clown School 2008: CLOWN'S LIFE

22 September, 2009  → 5 October, 2009 - Boulder, Colorado, USA


This workshop is an in-depth exploration of the poetic potential of the Clown, considered as an archetypal comic space for the actor and a key step in tehjourney of movement theatre.


The journey of movement theatre begins with the Neutral Mask and ends with the Red Nose. Through the Neutral Mask, the actor discovers a state of physical presence and calm, absent of conflicts. A space where he/she can reflect the space of life. Here, the mimo-dynamic journey can start, with elements, materials, colors, animals, and human characters. This journey prepares us for the play of theatre styles. From the story of the world, to the story of theatres, the neutral mask is always there, in the presence of the shape-shifting actor.


The last step of this journey is the mimo-dynamic of the actor himself. The silent actor explores his own body and emotions, and through the amplification and articulation of all his or her physical and emotional “background noises,” he enters the Clown state.

The Clown is poetic transposition of the actor’s most intimate space.
As the neutral mask is the mask of humanity, the red nose is the humanity of the mask.

This advanced workshop will go into the depth of the clown state, through the analysis of the physical and emotional world of the actor, as revealed by her or his natural body with the help of the Neutral Mask. The use of the Mask will deepen the clown state and will allow a profound connection with the core movements of each person. This will lead to the discovery of a unique clown, with a peculiar state of perception of reality.Once the Clowns are re-born, the journey of the workshop will lead them to the exploration of everyday life. The poetical power of the clown is based on an extreme emotional openness and vulnerability, a vivid articulation of the present moment, and a very naïve approach to the world.

In particular the clowns will be guided to explore themes like love and relationships, illness and death, power and hierarchy, social conventions and institutions like education, politics and health care. The final step will be the approach to poetic writing and each actor will work on a monologue and on clown scenes, which will be presented to an invited audience, in a deviced performance that will be the final step of the workshop.



SEPTEMBER 22nd to OCTOBER 5th, 2008
General Schedule: Two weeks: Monday to Saturday, 4 – 10 pm., first Sunday off.
Performance: Sunday, October 5th
Participants: 10-12
Tuition: US$ 800




This workshop proposes an intense emotional work, and requires of participants the pleasure and the commitment to explore the genuine vulnerability and grace that the clown can bring out. It’s about playing from the most truthful heart. We will laugh and cry abundantly and this will make us deeper human beings and better artists. It’s deep fun to be deeply alive.

This workshop requires previous participation in the training THE RED NOSE, with Giovanni Fusetti, at:

- KIKLOS, Scuola Internazionale di Creazione Teatrale, between 2000 and 2004
- London International School of the Performing Arts (LISPA) in 2005 and 2006
- Boulder Circus Center – The Red Nose Workshop, in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008
- International Clown School, Norway, Kristiansand 2007 and 2008.

Giovanni reserves the right to consider an applicant not yet ready for the advanced workshop. In this case, he may suggest the applicant participate again in the Red Nose workshop.

To apply, a letter of motivation must be sent by May 31st, 2008.



Starting April 1st, Giovanni will start choosing students from the applications received, forming the two workshops' class rosters.  Once he has selected 14 students for the Red Nose, and 12 for Clown's Life, the workshops are full, and a waiting list will be created. Please note that this workshop tends to fill up fairly quickly so if you intend to participate, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Enrolment update on July 10th: the workshop is currently full. New applications will be put on a waiting list.

A reduction in tuition fees is available for participants who enroll for both workshops
(US$ 1.400). A financial help is available for participants travelling from outside North America. Contact us for further details.

Both workshops will be taught in ENGLISH. The Red Nose Workshop requires a basic understanding. The Advanced Workshops, being based on writing, requires an advanced level in spoken and written English.



For any questions regarding the pedagogical content please contact:

Giovanni Fusetti

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please contact

Elizabeth Baron:


Telephone: +1 303-746-2669 (US Mountain Time, GMT-7)


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