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FROM THE NEUTRAL MASK TO THE RED NOSE: The essence of Physical Comedy

23 July, 2009  → 4 August, 2009 - Philadelphia, USA



Led by Master theatre teacher Giovanni Fusetti with assistance from Pig Iron's Quinn Bauriedel, this workshop aims to follow the journey from the Neutral Mask to the Red Nose Clown.  The workshop will train students to find the "Neutral State" and subsequently to tweak that state toward character work and eventually toward the idiosyncratic and personal world of the Clown. 

Through the Neutral Mask the actor discovers a state of physical presence, calm and openness to space.  There is a web of "non-neutral attitudes" and physical and emotional "background noises" within each person's movement and physical presence.   The Neutral Mask trains actors to find an elusive yet simple physical state rid of this background noise in order to engage the theatre at its roots: physical, spatial, rhythmic, dynamic and expressive.
After developing the actor's awareness of the Neutral State, this workshop will explore some of the infinite possibilities of creating comic characters, based on variations from neutrality.

The final step will be the discovery of the Clown through the analysis of the physical and emotional world of each actor, as revealed by her or his natural body, with the help of the Neutral Mask. The use of the smallest mask in the world, the Red Nose and the amplification and articulation of personal themes allow the actor to enter the Clown State. This will lead to the discovery of a unique clown, with a specific body, tempo, voice, costume, attitudes, emotions, and poetic world.
For a performer, there is something fundamental in the discovery of his or her personal Clown: it's raw, pure, personal, unique, challenging, empowering, revealing, extremely rewarding...
It's the exquisite pleasure of touching the empty space of complete comedy.



DATES: July 23 - August 4 (Tuesday July 29 off)
TIMES: 10am - 4:30pm (10am - 1pm on Saturdays)

Each day includes 5 hours of Master Classee, including:

Movement Analysis and Movement Technique,

Directing and Devising.



FEE: $800 ($750 if registering by April 15)

The workshop is part of a 4 weeks training including
 from July 7 to 19 (Tuesday July 29 off)

If signing up for the both workshops, total fee will be $1450
($1350 if registering before April 15).
To apply, send a letter and resume to Quinn Bauriedel
Upon being accepted, a $100 non-refundable deposit will be due.
50% of the remaining fee will be due one month before the workshop.
The final 50% will be due on the first day of the workshop.


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