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25 October, 2017  → 25 October, 2017 - MELBOURNE - Australia

Playful conversations with Giovanni Fusetti


Welcome to a seminar at the edge between Theatre, Pedagogy, Psychology, Politics and beyond.

At the end of his cycle of classes and lectures in Melbourne, Giovanni will present this one day seminar in which he will explore these questions and much more.


Why we need live theatre and live laughter ?

What is the difference between a Clown and a Bouffon ?


Will the Fool fall when he walks off the cliff ?


Why a King without a Fool is dangerous ?


Why do we laugh when clowns fall ?


How Natural Stupidity will save us from Artificial Intelligence ?






A Seminar


A seminar is a playful epistemological banquet.

An extended Q&A: Questions & Answers & Further Questions.

An hybrid between stand-up comedy, a lecture and a collective improvisation.


In a Seminar the focus is on the Theory that stands behind a practice. It is a space of reflection and intellectual elaboration:  it creates a field of discussion, analysis, examples, questions and synthesis. Experiential exercises are integrated by moments of discussion and intellectual and emotional integration. A seminar gives food for the mind, references, history of ideas, articulation of principles, awareness of awareness.

Etymology tells us that the word theory means something you observe, a spectacle, and it is connected with the word theatre. They both contains the element thea = to look at, to see. A theory is a choreography of ideas and principles moving in the mind space and seen by awareness. An intellectual performance to attend and enjoy. A theory that can’t be performed in space is, most likely, not that good.





The Content


At the beginning of the day Giovanni will introduce these different archetypal figure: the Fool, the Clown, the Trickster, the Hero, the Bouffon and the Wounded Healer.

Each one of them brings a particular poetic power and wisdom to the theatrical process and a specific voice to the community.


Then the seminar will be based on the questions from the participants, who will choose to which of these archetypal figures they want to address their question.

You can email them before, bring them with you, or let them arise during the day.

The seminar will include different ingredients: talks by Giovanni, collective exercises and games, exploration of the questions from the participants.

To email your questions to Giovanni please write to

Wednesday October 25th

9:30 to 1 and 2:30 to 5:30






150 Princes Street, North Carlton, VIC 3054, AUSTRALIA

Directions: http://www.dancehouse.com.au/about/



Sliding scale from 90 AUD to 150 AUD.

The fee will go entirely into funding the HELIKOS SCHOOL and the setting up of its new program.


For information and enrolment please contact




ktwiner @ gmail.com


Tel: 04 68664466



Giovanni Fusetti practicing shapesifting




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