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23 October, 2017  → 24 October, 2017 - MELBOURNE - Australia

A coaching workshop for
and other
Comic Stage Creatures






This workshop is specifically devised to give participants tools to work on their own material: both on their clown, bouffon or character and on their acts.

What comic dynamic am I working with in my performance?


Why the audience laughs? And why it doesn't?


Why a piece works or doesn't and how can I work on it?


What is my comic persona based in?


What is REALLY funny for me?

These are some of the questions addressed by this workshop.


In order to create and write for one’s own comic characters, one needs to understand what is its comic core. Which are the “mechanisms” .
Is the comedy based on actions, or emotions? On accidents or jokes? Clowns or Bouffons? Gags or stories? Satire, stupidity, absurd, slapstick, mocking…?


Every comic character, or comic writing, works specifically. 
And in order to work with comic writings and dynamics, the actor-player requires a sharp understanding of their nature.


Physical Comedy and Clown is embodied comic poetry: funny and touching, essential and rigorous. It's a dive into the mystery of laughter.


There are many ways of being funny: they can all make the audience laugh but they are not in the same comic world.
 They are rooted in a variety of writing and performing principles. To know them mean to be able to create with them.







Participants will bring their clown or comic stage creature, and one existing act, routine or project, solo or not, finished or unfinished, funny or ...not yet. They will present their clown or character and a short piece (max. 10 minutes), and this will be the basis for a coaching session that will focus on the three different hats that the clown-creator needs to wear:

The comic persona, the comic core, the contact with the audience, amplification and articulation of movement, emotional awareness and presence.

Playing with space. Rhythm: pace and variations.
The structure of an act: prologue, entrance, presentation, development and variations, crescendo, climax, finale, exit, epilogue.

Understanding a clown’s potential and weakness, the choice of themes and their development, the mask and countermask of the character, the use of the actor’s skills (music, singing, acrobatics, juggling, dance and unusual or unique skills).


 The workshop will unfold with different types of sessions:


- Presentation of the work to the group


- Individual coaching of the act with Giovanni


- Collective exercises on core principles emerging from the work focusing on basic principles of playing, writing and directing.


- Autonomous rehearsal time







The aim of this course is to give participants professional theatre tools, in order to create within their own comic poetic world. It addresses theatre artists with experience in the world of physical comedy. Two modes of participations are possible:

Performing participants: 6 minimum - 8 maximum. Their performing material will be presented in the coaching sessions.
It is possible to participate with a SOLO project or as a DUO. 

A Project can involve
 a director/author, who can partcipate as assistant.

Assisting participants: (20 maximum) they will assist the workshop as audience members of the coaching sessions and will participate to the collective exercises that will focus on some principles of physical comedy emerged during the work.

Please note that all participants must be available for the full two days. It is not possible to participate or to assist to the workshop only in parts. 



Performing Participants (Price per Act)
Early Bird Enrolment: AUS$ 300, if full payment is made by September 1st, 2017
Full Price: AUS$ 350
If an act involves a director/author, an assisting participant fee will apply.

Assisting Participants (Price per Person)
Early Bird Enrolment: AUS$ 150, if full payment is made by September 1st, 2017
Full Price: AUS$ 180


Monday October 23rd
9am-6:00pm: sessions

Tuesday October 24th
9:00-11:00 : performing participants have acces to the studio for rehearsing
11:00-1:00pm & 2:00-7:00 pm : sessions




150 Princes Street, North Carlton, VIC 3054, AUSTRALIA

Directions: http://www.dancehouse.com.au/about/



Please write a letter of intent describing the project you want to work at, and a link to some video material. For further information and for applications please contact







For enrolment and practical enquiries please contact



ktwiner @ gmail.com


Tel: 04 68664466




Photo Credits
(1) Stefano Borghi for Helikos International School of Theatre Creation, 2012
(2) Boulder Red Nose Training 2008, Younger.
(3) International Clown Training,Kristiansand, Norway, 2007
(4) Stefano Borghi for Helikos International School of Theatre Creation, 2014



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