On that web site you will find all the information about the HÈLIKOS International School of Theatre Creation, founded by Giovanni Fusetti in Florenc, Italy and active between 2010 and 2014. The school is the organic evolution of the Kiklos School, active in Padua, Italy between 2000 and 2004.

The school started in October, 2010, with a THREE YEAR TRAINING program. October of 2011 saw a second group of students begin the three-year program. The first class of students has completed the training in May, 2013, and the second class has graduated in May 2014.
Between October 2013 and June 2014, Helikos has offered a ONE-YEAR TRAINING in Theatre Creation.

It its four seasons in Florence, Hèlikos has gathered students from Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain,  Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, India, South Africa, Argentina,  USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Since the end of the program in Florence I have been travelling, teaching ad researching.
If you are interested in the upcoming workshops please see the workshop calendar page

Happy life and art!

Giovanni Fusetti
Pedagogical Director






It welcomes students from all over the world, creating an international and multicultural environment.


Helikos is a training centre dedicated to the learning and teaching of theatre art. As a school it's the place for the practice of a pedagogical journey.


The language of Helikos is theatre: the play of representing life and human experience. In the journey of theatre, Helikos is developing new artistic and pedagogic forms, which are in permanent evolution.


In Helikos’ practice of theatre-making the actor is not only interpreter but also author and director of her/his own work. CREATION is the birth of the world, and the artist recreates the world in each gesture. To create (from the Greek: chreas=flesh) means to give body, and the body is the main instrument of the artist. It allows beauty to become visible.



Helikos is a Greek word that means SPIRAL. As a symbol, the spiral is common to all ages and cultures and has various meanings, all connected with the dynamic of evolution. The spiral represents the cyclical movement that expands outward from its point of origin and inward towards the center. The spiral expresses extension, cyclical continuity and development, progress in the rotation of creation and perpetual balance between opposite dynamics.
It’s the manifestation of the evolution of a state or a force.

The choice of the spiral as a symbol is connected with the vision of a school and its pedagogy as forms in permanent evolution. The spiral is also a metaphor of the journey of the artist/poet through the training of the school, training that is always connected with its beginning but is projected into the future.





Helikos’ purposes are:

The PROFESSIONAL TRAINING of creative theatre artists: actors, directors, authors and teachers, capable of creating their own work in an autonomous, creative, conscious, vital and durable way, becoming active witnesses and protagonists of the contemporary world and the culture of their time.

- ADVANCED TRAINING of artists, on theatre creation and movement theatre.

- Research, creation and training in THEATRE PEDAGOGY. The meeting between theatre art and other artistic paths, developing new projects in the world of performing, directing, playwriting and artists’ training.

-The development of INTERDISCIPLINARY CONNECTIONS between theatre and other disciplines and practices: plastic arts, martial arts, philosophy, psychology, therapeutic practices, ecology, and spirituality, with the aim of training an innovative "heartist", able to integrate art and consciousness.





Design & programming :