A theatrical garden of poetic, pedagogic and spiritual practice.

A vision of a research that manifests itself through different forms, emerging from the field of potentials.

Each class, workshop or training program is a pedagogic form. A structure in which students and teachers gather to learn a particular flow.
Then, they depart, to bring the learning into the world and be transformed by the work, over and over. Till the emergence of the next form.

This is an old site, kept online as the archive of the past work.

For the current information you can visit the website:


There you will find a space of information and communication about Giovanni Fusetti's pedagogic and artistic process. As well as the the calendar of his workshops, training and events, and  some links to various sources and resources connected to his work.

You can contact Giovanni Fusetti sending an email to

Giovanni Fusetti

All the best for your life and art !

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For all information about the HELIKOS SCHOOL
active in FLORENCE, ITALY, between 2010 and 2014
please visit








Helikos is a Greek word that means SPIRAL. As a symbol, the spiral is common to all ages and cultures and has various meanings, all connected with the dynamic of evolution. The spiral represents the cyclical movement that expands outward and inward at the same time.
The spiral expresses extension, cyclical continuity and development, progress in the rotation of creation and perpetual balance between opposite dynamics.
It’s the manifestation of the evolution of a state or a force.

The choice of the spiral as a symbol is connected with the vision of a pedagogy as a form in permanent evolution. The spiral is also a metaphor of the journey of the artist/poet, a journey that is always connected with its beginning while being projected into the future.


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